2022 – 11th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 29-30 September, Istanbul

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2022 – 11th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 29-30 September, Istanbul

Conference Name: 2022 – 11th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 29-30 September, Istanbul

Registrations for Online LIVE Conference on Zoom Meeting Also Open

Conference Dates: 29-30 September 2022

Conference Venue: Nippon Hotel, Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 15 September 2022

Contact E-Mail ID: convener@eurasiaresearch.info

Organizing Scholarly Association: Healthcare & Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA)

HBSRA List of Members: Click Here

HBSRA President: Dr. Cecilia O. Martinez, Dean, College of Nursing, University of Manila, Manila, Philippines

Conference Language: English

Conference Themes: Psychology & Psychiatry

Conference Application Form: Click Here

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(Vernacular Session, e.g., European Languages, Arabic, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, will be organized for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language)

(Only English language, full-length, original papers will be considered for publication in conference journals)


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Online LIVE International Conference, 14th August 2021

Theme: Life Science & Technology

In-person conference held in April 2022 at London, UK

Venue: The Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road, London


Dr. Merissa Braza Ocampo
Ph.D., Fukushima Gakuin University, Fukushima City, Japan

Topic: Self-Care Management of Japanese Students During Covid-19 To Enhance Subjective Wellbeing

Currently, as a full-time lecturer at Fukushima Gakuin University, Japan. Dr. Merissa Ocampo’s interdisciplinary work combines linguistics and mental health, looking particularly at the impact of Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress (ABS) on learners and teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Recently, she is focusing on the effectiveness of positive psychology and mindful self-compassion to cope up with ABS among teachers. Ocampo wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on mother and child nutrition and health status. Having direct personal experience guiding family members through the Japanese education system to the tertiary level, her current research explores the Family Environment Mode Approach (FEMA) in language teaching. A naturalized Japanese, Ocampo is also able to draw upon her knowledge of both Japanese and Filipino language and culture to support an intercultural perspective in her work. She is currently developing FEMA more extensively and coordinating a Positive Psychology Intervention-related modular Storybook project for teaching learners from young to adult, nutrition, and health concepts in English. Moreover, teaching language with Positive Psychology Intervention is another topic she is doing. She believes that the power of gratitude, kindness, and self-compassion could enhance students’ and teachers’ well-being.

WordPress: https://mbrzocampo.wordpress.com/about/

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.jp/citations?user=1Kx18YkAAAAJ&hl=en

LinkedIn: https://jp.linkedin.com/in/merissa-braza-ocampo-80b6702b

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